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Time Machine — 2013


Time Machine

October 14 — December 14, 2013

With Lucas Blalock, Simon Denny, DIS, Lizzie Fitch with Ryan Trecartin, Parker Ito, Daniel Keller, Oliver Laric, Aude Pariset, Sean Raspet, Dan Rees, Timur Si Quin, Ben Schumacher, Brad Troemel, and Artie Vierkant.
Curator: Corentin Hamel.

Time Machine presents a group of emerging international artists whose work and methods of exhibition and dissemination reflect the changes brought about by the digital world and the recent rise of the media.

The exhibit brings in artists who live and work in Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin. For many of them, this is their first exhibit in France. Time Machine unites artists from different “scenes” who share similar concerns. The exhibit gives evidence of a generational approach. The pieces on display cover a wide spectrum of media, including painting, sculpture, publishing, photography, and lenticular printing. They are often the result of new techniques, such as computer manipulations and hydro dripping, or use novel materials. Above all, these artists question the status of the art piece and the exhibit from the point of view of new methods of disseminating images.