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<p>SHEM 7 P + |Pr|, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM R + 7 R, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM 7 P + |R|, 2015</p>
<p>ROUGE PLASMIQUE, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM · · · Pr G G R, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM P + Pr + G 8, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM P + R + Pr 8, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM · G R · G Pr Pr, 2015</p>
<p>ROUGES PLASMIQUES, 2011-2015</p>
<p>SHEM 7 P + G, 2015</p>
<p>SHEM G R · · Pr Pr Pr, 2015</p>

Jean-Pierre Bertrand — 2015


From red to red

6 x 3 x 1 formats + 4

August 28 — December15, 2015

The exhibit From red to red is like a liturgy in equation, made of stations before groupings that dialog, harmonize, and energize one another. If From red to red is more than a collection of paintings, it is because it shows the way in which they are connected and influenced by one another, in which they mirror one another even through absence. It is the first time that an idea developed over a decade by Jean-Pierre Bertrand has found a mode of expression and display. This arrangement creates a sort of succession of views: wide or tight views, details or enlargements. Bertrand achieves that very rare act of producing pictorial art from the end of abstraction (as history and project), which is not discourse or allegory, but establishment of another space and temporality. From Red to Red is a point of convergence, a glimpse of an idea of art in which painting, book, film, and chapel find their echo and sequel.

Patrick Javault