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<p><i>L’impitoyable confrontation des horizontales et des verticales n°3</i>, 2012<br class='autobr' />
<i>Beaming π 300 A.N. 10°</i>, 2002</p>
<p><i>Tamponnade n°2</i>, 2013</p>
<p><i>Tamponnade n°1</i>, 2013</p>
<p><i>Tamponnade n°3</i>, 2013</p>
<p><i>Beaming π 300 A.N. 10°</i>, 2002<br class='autobr' />
<i>Double sens n°1-2-3</i>, 2012</p>
<p><i>Double sens n°1-2-3</i>, 2012</p>
<p><i>Beaming π 300 M. 50°</i>, 2002</p>
<p><i>π rococo n°10  1=20°  200 décimales</i>, 1998</p>
<p><i>π piquant n°6  1=20°  200 décimales</i>, 1998</p>
<p><i>π color n°1  1=20°  200 décimales</i>, 1998</p>
<p><i>Beaming π 300 A.R. 7°</i>, 2002</p>
<p><i>Beaming π 300 A.R. 7°</i>, 2002<br class='autobr' />
<i>Tamponnades n°2-1-3</i>, 2013</p>
<p><i>L’impitoyable confrontation des horizontales et des verticales n°1</i>, 2012</p>
<p><i>L’impitoyable confrontation des horizontales et des verticales n°2</i>, 2012</p>

François Morellet — 2013


5 x 3

May 24 — September 21, 2013

The exhibit entitled 5 x 3 presents three of the artist’s pieces inspired by the same theme on each of the five surfaces of the space (four walls and the floor). Such an expression is a good illustration of François Morellet’s clear and intelligible approach, to which he has always been able to give a form that is plastically convincing and pleasing.

5 x 3 appears particularly well conceived in the diversity of its techniques and their results: painting on canvas stretched on a frame, three-dimensional sculpture, relief with cutout shapes and artificial lighting, modular pieces of sheet metal, adhesive tape applied to the wall. With each formula, there is a different effect resulting in several results—three results in particular—due to the use of systems allowing development and variation.

This great diversity finds its justification in the uniqueness of its concept: using an analytic approach to understand the mechanism of creation of forms, and using an intelligent approach to choose the best solutions.
Serge Lemoine